Binge and Repeat: Press play on The Punisher

It feels as if the Marvel Universe has been exploding a new hero narrative in our theaters and screens every other minute. With their blockbusters, their ABC programs and their Netflix shows, you can’t really escape them. Netflix currently has six original shows featuring Marvel characters and their inevitable team-ups. The Punisher is the latest addition to Netflix’s original Marvel … read more

Test Drive: Toyota Highlander is roomy, reliable, versatile

Toyota’s Highlander, a midsize sport-utility vehicle, long has been one of the Japanese automaker’s most popular models. More than 215,000 Highlanders, which are assembled in Princeton, Ind., wound up with new homes last year. The new year started with a bang with 15,484 units sold — nearly 3,000 more than in January 2017, for a vehicle that’s almost unchanged from … read more

Movie Menu: Oscar-winning surprises

Each year, watching the Oscars is much more fun if we get to see an upset or two, a surprise victory from an unexpected nominee. This weekend, before savoring the Academy Awards, take a look at some Oscar surprises showing on broadcast and cable television stations. Take a look.   Annie Hall (1978) Few expected this comedy from Woody Allen … read more

Q&A: Dylan Connor discusses his humanitarian work

by Brad Durrell Dylan Connor performs March 3 at the Fairfield Theatre Company, in the town where he attended high school. The singer/songwriter has played venues from California to Ireland and Chicago to the Middle East. Connor, 42, has been involved in Syrian humanitarian and protest efforts since the Arab Spring uprising in 2011. His single, Man of Peace, was … read more

Reel Dad: Picking the Oscar winners

What a year we experienced in 2017. On and off the screen. In a world challenged by truth, anger and relationships, we absorbed a collection of films that reflect what can fill the heart with hope, ground the soul in reality, and inspire people to believe the best may still occur. And many of the best movies are nominated for … read more

Curtain Call: Theaters keep on giving — how about you?

Giving Day is coming. On March 1, Giving Day, “powered by Fairfield County’s Community Foundation,” will mark its fifth year for the marathon fund-raising event. All you have to do is contribute $10 or more to your favorite non-profit at Hoping to upgrade its sound system, the Ridgefield Theater Barn is one of the non-profits hoping to benefit from … read more

Binge and Repeat: Traveling through time

Who doesn’t love a dystopian sci-fi drama? Considering Hollywood optioned a number of dystopian young adult books and turned them into successful franchises in recent years (The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, Divergent), why wouldn’t Netflix use the public’s fascination with dystopian universes? Travelers is about a team of specially selected people from (you guessed it) a dystopian future who … read more

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