Young’s Nurseries says farewell to Wilton

After 20 years owning the 86-year-old Wilton landscape supply and design business Young’s Nurseries, owners Scott Deniston, Thomas Daily and David Gindek are moving on.

They’ll either sell the business or the space, and until one or the other happens, all of Young’s inventory has been marked down 50%, “which is great wholesale pricing,” Gindek said.

Plant material at Young’s Woodbury location is also selling at discounted rates, but that’s by appointment.

While the current ownership dates back 20 years, Gindek and his partners started at Young’s Nurseries quite some time before then.

“We were all employees of the company and bought it from the previous employers,” the Monroe resident said. “I’ve been there 34 years, Tom’s been there 35, and Scott 37.”

“The owners were looking to retire, so they offered to sell it to us,” he said. “It was a good opportunity. We all loved the business. We wanted to see the name live on, and they were looking to retire so it worked out for everybody.”

Going from operating to owning is a major transition. “Oh sure,” Gindek said, “you have a lot more freedom to do what you want to do with the business, what direction you want to take it in.”

With that freedom, Gindek, Daily and Deniston worked to grow their business, while they worked to grow their plant varieties. Along the way, they created an identity for Young’s Nurseries that lives on today.

“We were able to grow more plant material, able to purchase larger material, which became a big part of our business, and what the company’s now known for. We’re known for our huge selection of varieties of things, as well as sizes of things,” Gindek said.

Gindek is a landscape designer. He has a bachelor of science degree in horticulture from Virginia Tech and an arborist and supervisory pesticide license in the state of Connecticut. For him, working at and eventually owning Young’s has been a dream job.

“You get to work inside and out,” Gindek said. “I think the biggest reason I love the business is I can’t see myself working behind a desk all day long. I sit at my desk and draw, and then I can go outside and look at all the plant material, which gives me ideas of designing new homes.”

“I love doing what I’m doing out there,” he said.

While the landscape supply and design industry affords people within it the fresh air that Gindek has come to appreciate so greatly, there are other perks he said he will miss.

“I get to meet a lot of great people,” he said. “You develop friendships with customers when you’ve been around a long time.”

And as he recalled all the friendly people he came across during his time owning Young’s, Gindek found himself speaking about the friendly nature of the industry itself.

“Landscaping is a great business to be in,” he said, “not only because you get to go outside, which is great, but the people in this industry — the owners, the laborers, the employees — they’re all great people. Although there’s competition, it’s not fierce. People share ideas, their experiences. You learn from each other.”

It’s clear that Gindek will miss Young’s Nurseries and the customers who made the operation possible, but Young’s Nurseries under Gindek and his fellows was a great asset to the Wilton community, and it’s likely the town feels the same way.

“We donated plants to town hall, and to different organizations, such as the garden clubs. We have an ‘Adopt a Spot’ right around the corner of Sharp Hill, which we planted and maintained. Every Christmas, we donated Christmas trees for the needy,” he said.

“If we weren’t donating money, we would at least try to donate plant material,” Gindek said.

As the curtain closes on 20 years in business, Gindek is a bit downcast, but he is far from regretful.

“Right now, it’s a sad thing,” he said. “I put my kids through school owning Young’s; I have four grandkids right now. My kids are happy for me, but it’s tough to lose a business. This was where I planned to retire. We’ve had tough times, but I love what I’m doing there, and if I could do it for free I would — if I could survive on that,” he said.

“I’m proud to have been able to raise my family the way I have. I got great kids, great grandkids, great wife — a great family that has supported the business over the years, and I would say that’s the most meaningful thing to me in the business,” Gindek said.

As Young’s Nurseries bids farewell to Wilton, Gindek’s message to his customers is one of thanks and appreciation.

“We want to let our customers know that we appreciate all of their business over the years. We’re sad to go. We’ve got lots of comments from customers sad to see us go as well, saying they’re not going to know where to go for gardening needs and plant materials,” Gindek said.

“We appreciate all the support, not only from the community and our customers, but from everybody who gave us support. And we hope they appreciate it as well,” he said.

To make an appointment for purchasing discounted plant material from Young’s Nurseries’ Woodbury location, visit and contact the owners.