Wiltonian elected to World Affairs Forum Board

Dr. Robert Babkowski, chair of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medical Director at Stamford Hospital, was elected to the World Affairs Forum Board of Directors on June 3 at the forum’s annual meeting.
In 2006, Dr. Babkowski joined Stamford Hospital from St. Francis Medical Center where he was director of Cytopathology and FNA Biopsy Service.
Babkowski founded Stamford Pathology Group P.C., a team of subspecialized pathologists, in 2005, and currently serves as its president and CEO.
He also founded RCB Consulting, a firm that offers a wide range of consulting services for healthcare delivery and laboratory medicine-oriented law firms, hedge funds, venture capital firms, and research firms.
Babkowski earned a B.S. in neurobiology, a B.A. in community medicine, and an M.D. at the University of Rochester. Recently, he obtained a master’s degree in medical management from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business.
Founded in 1946, the World Affairs Forum brings prominent speakers on a variety of international topics to the community.
Information: worldaffairsforum.org.