Wilton real estate sales — June 23-29, 2017

The following property transactions were recorded in the office of Town Clerk Lori Kaback from June 23  through June 29, 2017.

107 Pheasant Run Road: Kevin J. and Susan G. Clark, to Christopher and Tara Butler,  $860,000.

160 Old Kings Highway: Christian Gilles and Jeanna R. Landru, to Harvis Cromwell and Shelby Cromwell, $725,000.

84 Wilton Crest: Stacy A. Havlicek, to Stephanie Blaine, $130,000.

162 Range Road: David and Sandra L. Stevens, to Michael J. and Laura M. Lynch,, $860,000.

51 Shadow Lane: Frank and Charlotte Fitzgerald, to Thomas E. Williams Jr. and Monica O’Connell $725,000.

2 Wilton Acres: Manuel D. and Hazel M. Morgado, to Dominick J. Jr. and Jessica Franco,, $415,000.

31 Village Walk: Barbara Keefe, to Jorge and Leo Meja $250,000.

40 Village Court:  Kelly Anne Dailey, to Elizabeth and Olivia Grymes, $675,000.

27 Wolfpit Lane: Christopher J. and Sarah Pietersen, to Jan Hercules and Madeline Johanna Wentzel, $1,385,000.

47 Middlebrook Farm Road: Mary M. Scimone, to William E. and Nicole K. Rath, $1,292,500.

30 Surrey Glen: F. Sloan and Jennifer M. Harris, to Vaibhav and Deepti Sharma $921,000.

177 Thunder Lake Road: Arthur Lipner and Kathryn Caprino, to Mark and Marit Sullivan, $668,300.

75 Thunder Lake Road: Grace M. Berg, to Todd A. and Kathleen P. Curesky,  $610,000.

89 Kellogg Drive: Jose E. Torress, to Brian and Heidi J. Cocca, $949,000.

35 Dudley Road: Gary and Carol Schuler, to Thomas and Gail Pax, $849,000.

87 Old Kings Highway: Lillian K. Tuttle Estate, to John L. Mackay and Linsey M. O’Connell, $402,000.

87 Old Kings Highway: William E. Tuttle Estate, to John L. Mackay and Lindsey M. O’Connell, $402,000.