Wilton is strict with salesmen

There are  a lot of businesses in Wilton, thanks to a thriving town center and commercial development along Route 7, but you would technically be hard-pressed to find door-to-door salesmen.

This town of 18,000 residents has a grand total of only four vendor permits outstanding, and those are for two ice cream trucks, from College Creamery and Gigi’s Family Ice Cream, a financial advisor with Edward Jones Financials and the Wilton Housecleaning Service, according to records available from the police department..

Other than that, magazine salesmen, lawncare pitch artists and solar panel canvassers are all off-limits in town.

If they show up at someone’s door, they do so at their own risk because the town is very particular about issuing vendor permits.

“They should be readily identified by their ID card around their town lanyard,” said Lt. Stephen Brennan, spokesman for the department. “If it is not on their outermost garment, we will ask for it and make sure they are in compliance. If they are not, we may cite them with an infraction per the town ordinance.”

There are occasionally complaints from the public about door-to-door salesmen, but the incidents are fewer in number than they used to be, Brennan said.