Wilton father and son bring famous donuts back to area

Donut fans rejoice!

The humongous jelly-filled pastries that once lined the shelves of the old Spinelli’s bakery on the Norwalk line have found their way back into Georgetown thanks to a Wilton father and son duo.

Leo Spinelli Jr. and his son, Leo Spinelli III, recently opened Uncle Leo’s “Not Just” Coffee and Donuts across the street from the old Gilbert & Bennett Wire Mill site with the same recipes, and personal touch, that was emblematic of the now-closed Spinelli’s Bakery — a perrenial Wilton favorite.

“I dare everyone to try us,” the elder Mr. Spinelli told The Bulletin Tuesday. “Everything is made fresh daily. We start every day at 3 a.m. just like the old days.”

If you feel inclined to take the Spinelli team up on their dare, they suggest you start off with their specialty — a cinnamon-sugar covered jelly donut that’s bigger and better than any other donut in the area, they said.

“It’s the king,” Mr. Spinelli said. “I have my own secrets. When you buy a jelly donut from me, the jelly’s all over the place.”

If you’re not feeling like a donut, however, the shop has breakfast and lunch offerings for anyone, from bagels, to deli sandwiches, to freshly made apple turnovers that were sold out by 9:30 a.m. last Tuesday.

“The recipes are all the same from Spinelli’s. They are all old family recipes,” the Arthur Avenue-trained baker said. “All the baking is done on premises.”

Also of note are the egg and cheese sandwiches that line the menu. Bacon, sausage, and steak egg and cheeses sandwiches are available whenever the shop is open — from 6 to 4 on weekdays, and 6 to 3 on weekends.


The original Spinelli’s bakery was open on the Norwalk-Wilton line until 2008, and was always a favorite of families and high schoolers in town looking for a quick breakfast or lunchtime bite, Mr. Spinelli said.

Now, he says, kids who remember going to Spinelli’s with their parents are bringing their own kids to Uncle Leo’s.

“All the kids remembered us,” Mr. Spinelli said. “We’ve seen lots of families, and a lot of new faces. Georgetown is a friendly, friendly area.”

The new store was a surprise to Mr. Spinelli’s own 22-year-old son, who was only told of his father’s plan after the building had been rented.

Now, the pair have come together to fund the renovation of the store, and are co-owners.

“This is something I’ve always wanted to do,” the younger Spinelli said. “I’ve been doing it since I was born, basically. I always liked what we did.”

While he describes his father as “someone who likes to talk,” the younger Spinelli says his greatest joy from the business comes from customer feedback.

“I like flipping the eggs, but I love the positive customer feedback we get from our donuts. So far, its been 100% positive,” he said.

There’s one more aspect of the store the younger Leo says he enjoys about the store: he’s finally able to boss his dad around, for once.