Wilton building owner is sued

The estate of Francisco Martija, a man who fell from a ladder while working at 10 Westport Road, and subsequently died of injuries sustained in the fall, is suing the building’s owners, TIAA Board of Overseers. The complaint was filed March 14 in Superior Court at Milford. TIAA Realty, LLC was added as a defendant March 27.

The accident took place July 14, 2017, which the estate said was caused by the building owner’s “carelessness and negligence.” Specifically, the suit says the ladder provided to Martija was inappropriate, Martija was not properly trained regarding use of the ladder or fall protection, safety equipment was not provided, and working conditions were dangerous.

The suit seeks monetary relief of an undisclosed amount. The suit was filed by Jonathan Perkins of Perkins & Associates of Woodbridge, Conn.

TIAA Board of Overseers has offices in Albany and New York City. TIAA Tri-State, LLC is based in East Hartford. The estate has a Milford address.