Wilton-based chiropractor gets trademark

Wilton-based chiropractor Dr. Elihu Rosen was recently awarded a U.S. trademark for proprietary pain reduction techniques, a press release from his office said.

A Wilton doctor for over 30 years, “Dr. Rosen has researched the most advanced techniques to help patients find relief from pain. He has a loyal following of very satisfied patients and attributes much of his success to a technique he developed and recently received trademark approval as the name Sequential Pain Reduction®,” the press release read.

Rather than simply perform spinal manipulation on patients, his technique is based on complementary therapies administered prior to spinal manipulation. These include massage, ultrasound, electro-stimulation and laser therapy in a specific sequence to help increase relief without the use of injections.

Information: 203-762-2244 or thechiropracticdoctor.com.

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