Wilton High grads launch mental health start-up

In any given week, the best therapists in the country can do hours of administrative work for every client they see. From appointment requirements, to progress worksheets, many counselors spend more time filing paperwork than consulting with patients.

However, Wilton High grad David Conway says that by adding the MyPsych brand — an application and a Web interface tool he and Wiltonian Brendan Cohn developed in 2012 — to their practice, those therapists and counselors can greatly reduce the time they spend on administrative tasks.

“MyPysch streamlines client-to-therapist communication. It enables therapy to be more effective, efficient and accessible,” Mr. Conway said. “It allows the therapist to connect directly to their clients via a smart phone application.”

So far, Mr. Conway’s application has more than 4,000 downloads on the Apple Store, and his for-practitioners Web platform, MyPsychTES, has multiple clients.

The application is for patients of counselors and mental health professionals. It provides a way to track indicators of mental health, and allows them to follow up on personal goals.

“The application allows you to keep track of your emotions, how you’re feeling, how you’re sleeping, how the weather was, basically any kind of lifestyle thing you want to keep track of,” he said. “It will graph out the information for you, and you can set lifestyle goals.”

On the side of the practitioner is MyPsychTES (therapy end system), Mr. Conway said. MyPsychTES is a Web-based platform that allows therapists and counselors to communicate with their patients’ iPhone and Android applications. Unlike the app, which is free, MyPsychTES is a pay-to-use platform for therapists.

“MyPsychTES is what we’re really looking to sell,” Mr. Conway said. “TES is a website platform for therapists and counselors. They can be connected with their patients and clients. They can see all the information from their clients’ apps on the platform, and they can set goals and track their clients’ improvement as well. They can also create electronic forms to send directly from the website to the app, and even send appointment reminders.”

The website platform starts at $10 a month for practitioners, and has stepped pricing relative to the number of clients a counselor is communicating with via MyPsychTES.

Mr. Conway said he and Mr. Cohn gained inspiration for the MyPsych brand after noticing students surrounding them — at George Washington University, and Tufts, respectively — struggling with stress and anxiety troubles.

“They’re looking for an app where they can keep track of their lifestyle, and stay connected,” he said. “We also noticed that a lot of their therapists spend a lot of time filing paperwork, or sending out paperwork; that’s time they could be spending with patients.”

One of the best parts about the TES platform, he said, is that many of its features can be automated, giving a therapist more time to dedicate to direct client connection.

“You could have 50 clients using this application, and just one therapist connecting with them,” he said. Many features, like appointment reminders and regular goal worksheet submissions, can be automated and made much quicker.

Mr. Conway and Mr. Cohn also took great care to ensure that their product is very secure to use. They understand that mental health information is inherently sensitive.

“Both the application and the Web platform are encrypted and secure. Security is very important to us. We have a deep understanding of the need to keep this kind of thing secure.”

Mr. Conway said both therapists looking to add more clients to their practice, and overworked counselors, will see the benefit of adding MyPsychTES to their portfolio. For those counselors looking for new patients, the Web platform is a way to draw clients in, especially those of younger generations.

“If they don’t have enough clients, it gives them a way to connect with their clients and provide better treatment and enhance their practice,” Mr. Conway said. “It gives them an edge over their competition, and it’s great for teenagers and college students.”

On the other hand, therapists with too much paperwork, and too little time, will see their practice’s services streamlined thanks to the app.

“The other side of it, is if you are a therapist with a ton of clients, you’re looking for ways to save time,” Mr. Conway said. “This platform allows you to streamline a lot of your services. It doesn’t reduce session time — that would lose them money — but helps spend less time in between sessions.”

While “there are plenty of billing systems, and calendar systems” available for mental health professionals and other counselors, Mr. Conway said, “we don’t compete with any of those systems. We’re the only application that connects the practitioner to their clients.”

Both David Conway and Brendan Cohn graduated from George Wshington University, and Tufts University — respectivley ­— in 2013, after only 3 years of study.

Mr. Conway is also a published author, and coin collection expert. His non-fiction release, Strike It Rich with Silver in Coin Rolls was recently published by FW Media and encourages readers to “Experience the thrill of the hunt with practical, hands-on information on how to easily search coin rolls to take advantage of the silver coins still floating in circulation.”

For more information on Mr. Conway, and Mr. Cohn’s software system , visit mypsychtes.com.