What's up with the giant yellow truck at Ace Tire?

If you’ve been wondering about the funky-looking Mercedes Benz monster truck in the parking lot of Ace Tire and Auto Center, you’re not alone.

Ace’s owner, Kyle Desrochers, took a few minutes on Monday to explain a little about the truck to The Bulletin staff.

He said it is a 1972 Mercedes Benz Unimog, which was originally sold in Germany. This example was imported to the United States and is what he called a “show-piece,” though it was once a work vehicle.

“It’s a truck body on a tractor foundation,” he said. “It’s pretty slow —  it’s more of a work vehicle.”

The snorkel coming out of the right side of the hood, he said, is the air filter intake, while the small piece that extends out of the truck’s grill is what he called a “front PTL.”

“Its like a driveshaft for different attachments, for things that operate different hydraulic systems,” Mr. Desrochers said.

Though his shop’s specialty is tires, the owner said Ace is “actually doing some electric work on it and some other stuff.”

When asked about the singularity of the truck, Mr. Derochers simply replied “we work on everything.”

Ace Tire and Auto Center

Ace Tire and Auto Center is owned by Mr. Desrochers and his father, Rich. The pair purchased the business from 38-year owner Kenny Polverari in November 2013.

“I didn’t want to sell it to some chain,” Mr. Polverari said at that time. “I wanted to keep it basically the same, with the same feel, and I feel very comfortable leaving it with these guys.”

The shop is open 7:30 to 6 Monday through Friday and 7:30 to 1 or later on Saturday.

— additional reporting by Steve Coulter