Uncle Leo’s celebrates one year, and a top donut award

After just a single year in business, Uncle Leo’s Not Just Coffee and Donuts is already bringing in awards for its homemade baked goods.
The Georgetown deli, bakery and community meeting spot was recently named a top donut maker in Connecticut by CTBites.com, a widely respected food blog.
Uncle Leo’s is owned by Wiltonian Leo Spinelli Jr. and his son, Norwalker Leo Spinelli III, who have both gotten used to being called Uncle Leo in the past few months.
“Everyone’s calling me Uncle Leo,” Leo Jr. said Tuesday. “It’s the greatest thing in the world. We do anything we can with the schools, for the kids.”
“The name works in two ways,” his son, Leo III said. “We’re both uncles and we’re both Leos. It’s pretty cool.”
Picking up a jelly donut at his shop earlier this month, Leo Jr. said “tender love and care” is an important aspect of making high-quality donuts, but the amount of jelly and other ingredients really seals the deal.
“We overstuff all of our donuts,” he said. “That makes all the difference.”
Of course, there might be a little more to the businesses success than that, as Leo Jr. was trained on Arthur Avenue and ran a successful bakery on the Wilton-Norwalk line for 20 years.
“I think a lot of people are traveling up here just for the donuts and other stuff,” Leo Jr. said. “It’s funny, because people that live up the street in Weston don’t know we’re open, but people in other towns are here every single day.”
The shop first opened during Georgetown Day last year, and for a lot of the store’s regular customers, it has become an early-morning haven.
“We’ve been hearing so much positivity in the past months. Things like, ‘thank God you’re here,’ or ‘you’re the best thing to happen to Georgetown,’ it’s a really cool feeling,” Leo Jr. said.
“We do business with a lot of businessmen heading down to New York City. They’re catching the train from Branchville, or Wilton, or Cannondale.”
The company’s been doing so well it already has half a dozen employees — Suzie, Frank, Alex, Armando and McKenzie — and has had a lot of help from the greater Georgetown area, especially Woody and Joanie, the owners say.
Though the donuts are — obviously — the store’s specialty, they also offer an array of baked goods and deli items on a menu that’s constantly expanding.
“The bagels have become a huge plus here, but, when it comes down to it we’re really here for our donuts. The cake donuts are just to die for,” Leo Jr. says.
A lunch menu includes wedge sandwiches, wraps, and grill items, as well.
Not to be outdone by other donut chains, Uncle Leo’s is planning on expanding its donut offerings in the next few months. They expect to add as many as four new flavors.