Two vendors leave town

The coming summer of 2017 will be minus one ice cream truck and one food truck on the back roads and country lanes of Wilton.

Skip’s Ice Cream truck has not renewed its annual license, according to records on file at the Wilton Health Department. Nor has Jaques Arantes’ food truck.

That leaves only two food trucks and two ice cream trucks to ply their trade in Wilton this summer: Matt & Steve’s All American Grill, Boothbay Lobster, Gigi’s Family Ice Cream, and College Creamery ice cream.

The vendors did not give a specific reason why they left town, but it is ordinarily a case of not doing enough business here, said Barry Bogle, the health director. So they look for other towns where they may be able to make more money.

“I would guess they did not do well enough here,” Bogle said of the vendors.

The height of the food vending season is the Fourth of July, when the town has its fireworks show at Wilton High School. A crowd of thousands of people attends, and is served by the various food trucks that are licensed to operate in town.