Truffles & James Floral Design taps backyard garden inspiration

Fresh, seasonal flowers fill the gardens and workshop of Truffles & James, a new floral design shop opened by Wiltonian Meghan Greenberg. In fact, the owner says her ability to incorporate local influences into her designs helps set her apart from generic design shops. 

“These are not store-bought arrangements,” the florist said, emphasizing that a few flowers from the studio’s garden go into many arrangements. “I want people to make connections to these flowers. I want them to see an arrangement and say, ‘Oh! My mom used to grow those!’”

Ms. Greenberg, a 1999 graduate of Wilton High School, has run a part-time floral design business in Brooklyn since graduating from Boston College in 2003. Over the past few weeks, she’s brought that business to Wilton, opening a full-time, by-appointment workshop on Ridgefield Road.

Offering floral design services for weddings, graduations, birthdays, and other significant events, Ms. Greenberg is a one-woman show whose designs reflect the style and season of those events.

Her local flavor, she said, is derived from the long spring days of her childhood working her family’s gardens.

“My sisters and I would say, ‘Can’t we just go play?’ And my parents would say, ‘No! You have to weed!’

“I ended up loving flowers after growing up with all of this beauty in the background,” Ms. Greenberg said.

The Wiltonian said she finds beauty in the temporary nature of flowers.

“They’re there for one week, then they are gone. Yes, they eventually die, but that’s what makes you able to appreciate them while they are there,” she said.

After a decade in the merchandising field with companies like Coach, she felt it was time to step back and pursue the field she loved.

“It’s 10 years after my college graduation, and I realized, this is my one and precious life. The time is right. This is something that makes me happy — it’s practically therapeutic,” she said.

“I’ve always known what I love to do, but I never took the leap. Now it’s just a matter of coming out to Wilton and doing it.”

Ms. Greenberg now splits her time between a home in Brooklyn and her floral studio on Ridgefield Road.

“I offer lush, garden-inspired arrangements,” Ms. Greenberg said. “There’s always something local and seasonal to the area that is growing right now.”

The florist says she can accommodate almost any event, from Jewish holidays to Christmas events, but hoped to remind customers that orders can back up during major holidays. Allowing two weeks from order to pickup is the best way to ensure timely delivery.

One of her favorite experiences as a floral designer, she said, is working with event and wedding planners, and she has working relationships with a number in the immediate area.