The Greens at Cannondale head of nursing has had varied career

“Everything’s fixable” is the philosophy registered nurse Rosaline Banguela brings to her new job as head of nursing at The Greens at Cannondale. She should know. She is one of the few nurses whose experience has spanned the whole of life, from pediatrics to geriatrics.

She moved around a lot because her husband’s various assignments, and her work has included pediatric and orthopedic nursing, day care centers, home care, hospital nursing, skilled nursing facilities, and retirement homes, all across the country.

“It made me very adaptable,” she said recently. “Change doesn’t faze me.” She lives in the Bridgeport/Trumbull area.

Ms. Banguela sees herself with a double mission at The Greens. She wants to encourage residents to come to her without any hesitation. And she plans to give the nursing staff the continuing education it needs to do the best possible job.

“The knowledge and skills of nurses and their assistants is crucial to the comfort and security of residents. I plan to have regular educational meetings for nurses and nursing assistants,” she said.

Faith and spirituality have always been an integral part of her life. “Nursing involves the soul,” she said. She has conducted Bible study sessions for the nurses she’s worked with in the past, and plans to set up similar opportunities at The Greens.

“I admit, I’m a disciplinarian,” she said, “because I must know that things are being done correctly, but I also appreciate what hard work nursing can be. You have to love being a nurse. I’ve wanted to be a nurse since I was 13. (She’s 40 now.) I think it can be the most rewarding job of all because it directly affects people’s health and happiness.”

When Sheila Sheehy, The Greens supervisor of nurses for nine years, took a medical leave this past February, Ms. Banguela took over her job, and her outstanding work encouraged Ms. Sheehy to hand over the reins  so that she could choose a less demanding position.

Ms. Banguela has a real empathy for the older generation.

“I know how important it is for every resident to know they have someone to trust and confide in, and that nothing is too small to discuss.”

Ms. Banguela’s husband is also a nurse, at the Veterans Administration Hospital in the psychiatric unit. His patients are returning veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.

“Our family is in the people-helping business. My grandmother was a nurse, my 21-year-old son is an EMT. The Greens at Cannondale has a superb reputation. It will be my pleasure to maintain that reputation, but there are always new insights and necessary changes. If they affect residents or staff, they’re important.”

Ms. Banguela will be at The Greens five days a week. When she’s not at The Greens, at odd hours, she can be reached at home.

“Physicians are so busy these days, most of them don’t have much time to talk to their patients, and nurses have become more essential. When we all have the same goals, we’re bound to succeed.”