State Farm, Georgann Hoffman celebrate 10 years in Wilton

Over the course of 10 years in business, Wilton State Farm agent Georgann Hoffman has learned the value of being a face in the community.

Every time a client suffers a serious catastrophe, she makes sure she’s the first one there after the firefighters.

“We’ll go out the next day in the rain, see the fire damage, and tell them about their policies,” she said in her office Tuesday.

“We’re almost like a therapist sometimes,” added Kate Lucas, an insurance agent in the office.

“Sometimes clients can be upset about the situation, which is understandable,” Ms. Hoffman said. “But claims are the part of the business. It’s why we’re here in person.

“And, that’s why a lot of people come to us. It’s a different perspective to be able to come here and speak to us off the record [before making any decisions], so we can give them our advice.”

Open since 2004, Ms. Hoffman’s State Farm branch has been in the old Kent Road School House at Lambert Cormer, on Danbury Road for the last six years.

A lifelong State Farm customer who previously worked in medical lab sciences, Ms. Hoffman said as her children grew up in the early 2000s she began looking at owning a small business as a new goal.

She had just finished an MBA, and was mentally prepared for the task of developing a customer base.

“I love the idea of having a business and building it from nothing from when we started. We had no clients, basically, when we started. And one after another, we found them,” she said.

The Wilton-based office is home to Ms. Hoffman, as well as two full-time representatives and one part-timer.

Ms. Lucas said she’s happy to work for State Farm because each small office is local and personal, but also packs the swinging power of a big company.

“We have clients that we talk to all of the time, whether it’s every year or every month. We see people’s families grow up and change, and they start sending us Christmas cards!

“Insurance can be ugly and gross, but a lot of big companies aren’t like us in terms of personal relationships,” she said.

State Farm, as an international company, is the number one insurer of auto and home customers in North America, and has been in business for more than 90 years.

It provides a wide range of insurance options for homeowners, and drivers, and also provides life insurance policies and a wide range of other services.