Star Wars experience at Wilton car dealer

In 2016, when the Star Wars movie Rogue One was playing in theaters, Bruce Bennett Nissan on Route 7 celebrated by showing off special edition Nissan Rogues detailed to match the Star Wars theme. Only a few of them were made.

“It made sense because the Rogue is our biggest seller,” said Matt Wilson, marketing director for the dealership.

This year, the Bennett team has gone one step further. As a promotion for the upcoming Star Wars movie The Last Jedi, the dealership brought in a virtual reality game experience of being on General Leia’s ship, where players can serve as an astro-mechanic and help repair the droid known as BB-8 and his droid friends.

It’s called Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay.

“I love it,” said Chris Browne, a veteran saleswoman at the dealership who tried on the virtual reality headgear, complete with stereo vision and headphones, and slipped her hands onto the game controllers.

From there, it was like being in another world.

“I felt like I was in space, on a spaceship,” she said.

And that is exactly what the virtual reality experience is intended to do. It takes players out of their immediate environment and puts them somewhere else more entertaining.

“Virtual reality games have been around awhile, but this is advanced,” said Ben Vuavlich, 20, an employee of Exit Reality from California who is touring the country with the virtual reality equipment, running programs at Nissan dealerships.

“Next week I’ll be in Utah,” he said.

There are three of the virtual reality systems on the road to promote the upcoming movie, which opens Dec. 15 in theaters. It is the final Star Wars film to feature the acting talent of the late Carrie Fisher.

The experience invites players to join the Resistance and help in the fight against the First Order.

It may not be a big sales builder for new cars, but it is a fun way to get customers involved in their visit.

“We do this to celebrate the partnership,” Wilson said.

The virtual reality game was available for play Dec. 1 and 2.