Scam targets Connecticut taxpayers

The Connecticut Better Business Bureau reported May 5 that the nonprofit organization is seeing a peak in the number of phone calls it’s receiving from customers claiming to be victims of what is known as the “IRS Imposter” scam.
The IRS Imposter scam involves callers posing as representatives of the Internal Revenue Service. The victims are told they owe money and must pay their dues immediately under threat of arrest.

Connecticut Better Business Bureau spokesperson Howard Schwartz said in a press release the influx has been noticed “over the past several weeks” and that the demands are made “by an untraceable method.”

“The callers try to frighten their victims and, unfortunately, it often works,” Schwartz sad. “The good news is that the consumers who contacted us ignored the callers’ demands.”

According to the press release, fraudulent IRS calls have been “rampant” across the country, and Connecticut consumers are being targeted more and more often.

The Connecticut Better Business Bureau warns that the criminals typically ask for personal and financial information, and leave “dozens” of threatening messages for people who do not answer the calls.

An IRS resource with more information on how the scam works and how it can be avoided can be found at

Anyone who receives an IRS Imposter call is urged to contact the IRS at 860-297-5962 as well as the Federal Trade Commission at 877-382-4357.

The Connecticut Better Business Bureau also encourages victims to share their experiences via its Scam Tracker service, which can be found at