Planners reject dog facility

At its meeting on Sept. 12, the Planning and Zoning Commission denied a special permit for Best Friends Total Pet Care, which had wanted to open a veterinary hospital and kennel at 213 Danbury Road.

Planned were 118 dog “suites” — meaning 118 dogs, maximum — and three indoor play areas.

However, the proposal hit several roadblocks over the summer, such as concerns about urine and noise from barking and how it affects neighbors. Ultimately, the commission denied the special permit because it was an overuse of the land the parcel was sitting on, based on current regulations, said Bob Nerney, the town planner, following the meeting.

“It did not meet today’s land requirement and that level of proposed activity was inconsistent with the spirit of the regulations and concerns of the established land use in the area,” Nerney said.

Best Friends owner Alexandre Desmarais could not be reached to say whether he will appeal or try again.