Pet grooming at home can ease spring shedding problems

Spring brings daffodil blooms and green grass, but also muddy yards, fleas and ticks, and shedding pet fur — which the family dog leaves all over the house.
Pet owners need to spring into action at this time of year. According to professional groomer Rachel Keefner of Canine Company in Wilton, a regular grooming routine will help keep the family pet healthy, comfortable and nice to be near. She recommends the following four steps:

  1. Brush thoroughly. Whether your pet’s coat is long or short, frequent brushing is the best strategy for managing shedding. Be sure to use a brush designed for your pet’s coat. Your pet’s groomer can help you select the right type.

  2. Shampoo and condition. Once you’ve removed as much fur as possible through brushing, bathe your pet. Massaging the shampoo into his coat will help accelerate the shedding process. Rinse and follow with a conditioner, again massaging well and rinsing thoroughly. Be sure to use only products specifically formulated for pets’ skin.

  3. Brush again. As your pet’s coat is drying, brush or comb to remove the hair that has been loosened during bathing. A de-shedding tool, like FURminator, will help remove stubborn undercoat to reduce shedding. It’s time consuming, but this additional brushing will make a big difference in the amount of hair your dog leaves around the house!

  4. Don’t forget pest control. Once your pet’s coat has dried completely, apply an effective flea and tick treatment like Frontline or Sentry Natural Defense. Treatments should be repeated monthly throughout the season to prevent flea infestations, Lyme disease and other parasite-born illnesses.

For best results, repeat the brushing and bathing routine every couple of weeks. If the prospect of a wet, shedding dog in your bathroom is unappealing, a professional groomer can help. Some, like Canine Company, will even come to your home with a mobile grooming van.
Canine Company provides pet care products and services as well as Invisible Fence® brand pet containment systems and at-home obedience training.