New kind of business center opens in Wilton

There’s a new kind of commercial landlord in town. Regus, an international provider of turnkey office solutions, recently opened a center in Wilton, at 15 River Road.

To call Regus a “landlord,” however, would be to detract from the company’s overall business model, the goal of which is to do away with some of the more undesirable trappings of proprietorship.

Regus of Wilton Cluster Manager Laura Jean Bull calls them “agreements,” not “leases.” Clients enter into plans with Regus for exactly what they need, for however long they need it.

Typically, would-be tenants are hard pressed to find short-term space, let alone short-term space with part-time flexibility.

But with Regus, anything is possible. If a client needs an office for a month, that’s doable, and even if that client needs the office for only three days out of each week in the month, that’s doable, too.

Clients may enter into monthly, weekly, daily, even hourly agreements with Regus. The plans are upgradable at any time and are not at all binding, and clients may upsize or downsize their space as needed. Offices are made ready for occupancy within 24 hours of any agreement.

“These plans are based upon your needs,” Bull said. “You might not need a full-time office. If you are our client, we find the plan that best suits you.”

Term stipulations are but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to traditional leaseholding. In the common scenario, the bills for utilities, taxes and IT are addressed to the lessee, not the lessor.

Regus, on the other hand, pays its clients’ utility bills and property taxes, and does not require clients to install phone or Internet if they don’t necessarily need information hardware to do business.

“If you don’t need a phone, you shouldn’t have to pay for it,” said Erin Craw, Regus of Wilton senior client services representative.

According to Bull, agreement tailoring is not the only reason why businesses choose to sign with Regus; clients are also afforded the convenience of access to Regus’s 3,000 locations, across 900 cities in 120 countries.

“Any client can drop in and use the business lounge at any of our locations. The lounges are equipped with complimentary wi-fi and free refreshments,” Bull said.

“And,” she continued, “clients can access our secure wireless hotspots from anywhere where a Regus center is active.” In places like New York City, where there is a high density of Regus centers, that means widespread swaths of mobile wireless capability.

Each Regus center is equipped with a high-end printer, a business lounge and an HD video-capable conference room. What features are included in the individual workspaces — which can be suite-style, private or shared, and are accessible 24/7 — is up to the clients.

“It’s their space,” Craw said. “A client can personalize his or her space however they want to; they can paint it a different color or hang a company logo banner.”

What truly sets Regus apart from competitors, more so than both its model of flexibility and its readily accessible global network, Bull said, are its administrative teams.

Each Regus business center has its own team of administrators who handle client mail and greet clients on their way into work; that much is free.

For added fees, however, team members like Bull and Craw can be made to answer and direct calls, prepare presentations and provide further administrative services, effectively working for you, the client.

Opening a center in Wilton was a strategic play by Regus corporate, with Wilton being situated between Regus centers in the cities of Danbury and Norwalk as well as between centers in New York City and those across Connecticut.

But that doesn’t mean members of Regus of Wilton’s administrative team aren’t happy to be in Wilton.

“We’re thrilled to be here,” said Bull. “We love Wilton; it’s such a quaint town. We’ve been getting to know our neighbors, and if you’re a neighbor we haven’t met yet, we’d love it if you stopped in to say hello.”

Regus caters to entrepreneurs, individuals and multimillion-dollar corporations.