New Mountain Road home is top spec build in Connecticut

By pairing the quaint atmosphere of an antique home with the no-work-needed amenities of one newly built, a house at 206 Mountain Road was recently named the Home Building Industry’s “Best Speculative Remodel” for 2014.

Built by Wilton’s own Wood Builders Inc., the award-winning home is of the first speculative houses to be put on the market in Wilton in the years following the Great Recession. It rests on an original 18th-Century foundation, and “some of the framing” is original, says Wood Builders partner Bob Wood, but most of the 3,758-square-foot house is newly built.

“Speculative building is becoming more feasible because the banks are beginning to loan on speculative houses again,” Mr. Wood said. “The land prices around here have come down as a result of the recession,” which helps, too.

The home takes the best parts of an old home — the size and style — and removes the bad parts — seemingly never-ending upkeep and repairs.

“It has new blown-in insulation, a propane oven, and all of the energy efficiency we could get while retaining the antique feel,” Mr. Wood said.

To further reinforce the antique style of the home, a large antique fir barn built in the 19th Century sits on the two-acre lot, and the kitchen’s island is made of oak recycled from the original 18th-Century building.

It also has a detached two-car garage, a back patio with a fire pit, a formal dining room, four bedrooms, hardwood flooring, and an unfinished basement.The home is near Branch Brook Open Space, and is within quick driving distance of the Branchville train station and downtown Georgetown.

Of the house’s award, one of the most prestigious in the state, Mr. Wood said his company’s experience led to such a commendable build.

“It’s experience,” he said. “And it doesn’t hurt to be known. We are fortunate to have a good reputation, and that certainly helps. We’ve always been doing quality work.”

With a perfect name for a family of builders, Wood Building has been in business for more than 100 years. Bob Wood’s father and grandfather started building small Cape-style houses in Darien before the Great Depression, and Mr. Wood’s own children are currently part of the construction team.

The company has been around so long, Mr. Wood said, that his grandfather was buying wood from Ring’s End lumber when it first opened in 1902.

Once this home sells, according to Mr. Wood, the company will begin working on a second spec house.

Wilton Country Homes, owned by Kevin O’Brien, is the listing Realtor for the home, which is listed at $1,329,000.

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