Most wanted in Wilton: Retail stores

Retail stores are what most Wiltonians want, according to the results of our What would you like to see in Wilton? poll.

Of the more than 160 responses, 39 people — 24% of poll-takers — said they want to see more retail stores in town.

With 22 votes, nightlife and bars are second-most in-demand, followed by a dog park (20 votes) and concert venue (19 votes).

Nine-percent of poll-takers said they want an ice rink (14 votes), and 7% want affordable housing for young adults (12 votes).

Other votes went to:

  • Parks/nature areas: 6.

  • More historic districts: 5.

  • Other businesses/corporations: 4.

  • Mixed-use buildings: 4.

  • Senior living facilities: 3.

  • Art galleries: 1.

According to the poll results, no one wants hotels or lodging in Wilton.

Ten people said there's something else they would like Wilton to have, but none specified what that "other" would be.

Five people said there's nothing they would like to see in Wilton because they "like it the way it is."