Mitchell gives workplace shooter presentation

Wiltonian Bo Mitchell, president of 911 Consulting LLC., recently gave a presentation entitled “Active Shooter + Workplace Violence: It’s About You, Your Management and Your People” at the American Society of Safety Engineers national convention in the Dallas Convention Center.
Among the 9,800 attendees were safety engineers for large corporations, medical facilities and campuses.
In his presentation, Mitchell said active shooters in the workplace have quadrupled in the last three years.
“Companies large and small are vulnerable to an overstressed employee, jealous domestic partner, vengeful ex-employee or unstable customer who is armed,” he said.
“An active shooter event will unfold at lightning speed in terrifying conditions,” he added. “Any veteran will tell you people respond the way they were trained. When they have not been trained, they will either freeze or panic. That’s why training employees in their work environment is required by law.”
According to Mitchell, the majority of CEOs are unaware they are the responsible parties for their employees under civil as well as criminal law and could face civil, personal and/or criminal charges in the event of a shooting.
Mitchell served as police commissioner of Wilton for 16 years before founding 911 Consulting in 2001. According to a press release, “The firm creates emergency plans and conducts training and drills for corporate and campus clients across the country.”
Mitchell has 16 certifications in homeland security, organizational safety and emergency management.