Man arrested at Lumberyard Pub for causing a parking lot fight

Tyrone Martylewski, 27 of Norwalk, was arrested for creating a public disturbance at the Lumberyard Pub on Friday, Dec. 18, after police were called to the business after reports of a large fight happening in the parking lot.

According to witnesses, Martylewski had been acting in an aggressive and disorderly manner for much of the night at the Lumberyard, and sometime before midnight engaged in a physical fight with a number of people in the parking lot.

When four Wilton officers and three Redding officers arrived at the pub, most of the people engaged in the fight had left the scene, but officers stop Martylewski as he was trying to leave the property. He displayed obvious signs of being involved in a fight, police said.

Because he had been an agitator at the pub all night, he was charged with creating a public disturbance. Police are waiting to review security tapes from the night of the fight.

He was released on a written promise to appear in court.