Magazine for girls meets challenges

An anonymous donor stepped up to the plate to save Wilton entrepreneur Sarah Beach’s new magazine for girls, Strong, after a Kickstarter campaign for the first issue failed.
The Kickstarter goal was $15,000, and only $11,000 was raised from 195 people. Under Kickstarter rules, failure to raise the entire amount means you get none of the money and it goes back to the benefactors.
“The first issue is out,” Beach said, saying the money from the private donor allowed 250 issues to be printed, and for the magazine to appear online.
“We have hard copies I’m distributing,” she said. “I want everybody to get a feel for it and see what it’s like.”
She has opened the door to online subscriptions, and started a new Kickstarter campaign. This time, she hopes to raise $10,000. She has 13 days to go, and has already raised $7,880.
“I feel optimistic,” Beach said. “I feel it’s heading in the right direction.”
Her business model is to profit only from the sale of the magazine, mostly through subscriptions. She plans to avoid selling advertising because the ads may conflict with her ethical sense.
What she is out to do is show girls role models for jobs and hobbies they can do, rather than feel left out because of their gender.
The first issue is now available free in print and online at and features articles on camping, money management, a TaeKwonDo national champion, inspirational Syrian refugee-turned-Olympian Yusra Mardini, and much more.
View the Kickstarter campaign here: