Local business revamps shooting range

The Wilton Police Department’s outdoor shooting range off Mather Street got a free repaving and clean-up from Wilton-based Deluxe Paving & Excavating on Dec. 10.

“Basically, we’re cleaning it up, paving it, and making it more of a workable area for them,” Deluxe Paving & Excavation employee Sandra DiJoseph told The Bulletin before the renovation day.

Deluxe Paving owner Vinny Engonoro said the project was his way of “giving back.”

“We wanted to give back to a community that’s given our business so much. What better way than to do something for the first responders that make this community so great?” said Engonoro, adding that the newly paved surface will also “provide a cleaner and safer environment for training.”

Wilton Police Capt. Thomas Conlan said officers train at the range “two or three times a year,” and the repaving will make it “a lot easier for officers.”

“Previously, when our officers trained at the gravel-surfaced range, it was very time-consuming and difficult to collect the used brass casings,” Conlan said.

With the rocks now cleared, Conlan said, it will be “a lot easier for officers to recycle the brass, which in-turn saves the taxpayers money.”