Kimco adds two signs in the Center

Kimco Realty will soon install new signs at its 15 & 21 River Road and 7 Godfrey Place sites in Wilton Center.
The Planning & Zoning Commission voted Monday, Feb. 23, to allow the construction of two new signs, one at each site, after the Wilton Center Design Advisory Committee also approved the plan.
Wilton Executive Campus is at 15 & 21 River Road, and 7 Godfrey Place is the site of Bright Horizons child care.
The number of signs to be installed was reduced from seven, the number initially proposed by Kimco.
At first, the company had additionally wanted to install two entry/exit signs at its 5 River Road property — where Stop & Shop is located — and at the Bright Horizons property, as well as an additional large sign at 5 River Road.
One commissioner expressed dissatisfaction with the size of Kimco branding on the new signs, but Commissioner John Comiskey said it was normal.
“It’s not so much an ad, but it’s a sense of who’s responsible for the property,” he said. “It’s an accepted graphic, if you will, of ownership and responsibility. It’s an important issue throughout the corporate world. The reality is that it’s a very acceptable practice.”
—by Christopher Burns