Kathy Caprino featured on LinkedIn: Success doesn’t go unnoticed

Wiltonian Kathy Caprino has written articles that garner thousands of comments, and one has even been read more than 7 million times. For someone who works out of a small home office, that’s not half bad, and one national social network has noticed.
She was recently featured in a three-part series that was published on and produced by the career networking site LinkedIn. The series revolved around the site’s users who utilize its publishing feature.
“I’ve always been a fan of LinkedIn, and what happened was last May I got an email that said, ‘You are now able to publish on the LinkedIn platform.’ I said, ‘That looks fun, why not?’”
Caprino was already a Forbes.com columnist who regularly published career-oriented posts, and producing posts on LinkedIn was an obvious extension of her career.
Six months later, she wrote a simple post on toxic workplace behaviors, and lo and behold, it went viral.
“What was amazing was it got attention in the wildest ways,” she said. “I got a few executive coaching gigs out of it. I was on a comedy radio show about toxicity. I landed speaking gigs, writing gigs, everything.
“I heard from the LinkedIn people in the fall about the success of my posts. They are really wanting to encourage people to write on their publishing platform, and they want to help build economic opportunity.”
In looking to achieve those goals, the company chose three writers to feature, and sent a full video production company to Wilton just to film a small piece on Caprino’s success.
“My house was transformed,” she said, as a creative studio was brought in to make everything look perfect.
The company filmed her all around Wilton, driving down its wooded roads and even walking her dog on Old Huckleberry Road. The production lasted two days, though you wouldn’t know it based on the video — which clocks in at just one minute and 13 seconds.
“It was so fun,” she said. “And they had such a vision for the messages they had heard me say before.”
To watch the video, visit vimeo.com/123970851.

What she does

From day to day, Caprino is an executive career success coach, a speaker, and a leadership trainer who specializes in helping women build rewarding, impactful careers, she said.
She began her career in this field after successful stints in the business world and as a traditional therapist.
“In 2006 and 2007, there was no one talking about the challenges and crises facing women in the workplace. I would get up and speak about things like thriving through change, and women would line up afterward with tears in their eyes, shaking. They’d tell me, ‘No one is talking about this, and now that I’ve heard you I don’t feel so alone,’” she said Friday at her home.
Nowadays, she writes for a number of publications, does one-on-one career coaching and recently began work on a new product called the Amazing Career Project.
An online, group coaching course that takes place over 16 weeks, Caprino says, it’s a way to offer her guidance to more than those clients she coaches personally.
“It’s going to be very powerful and transformative,” she said. “I want women to go from ‘I don’t know what I want’ to ‘I know what I want and I know how to get it.’”
The spring session of this online-only course is already full, but Caprino has a fall course planned.
“If I could have 100 people this year, and 1,000 people next year, I would love it,” she said.
Information: www.kathycaprino.com .