Homeowners insurance is cheaper in Wilton than other Connecticut towns

Homeowners in Wilton pay less for their homeowner’s insurance than homeowners in almost any other town in Connecticut, according to a survey by Value Penguin. The company sampled 70 municipalities and found Wilton homeowners pay nearly 40% less than the state average.

Value Penguin evaluated quotes for a sample property — a 15-year-old, two-story home with 2,000 square feet of living space, one full and one-half bathroom, and an attached garage. The homeowner in the study was a 41-year-old, non-smoking, male who did not own any dogs, or exotic pets, and did not own a trampoline or swimming pool. The insured also did not file any loss claims in the past.

Based on the company’s data, Amica had the best home insurance rates in Connecticut. The average annual rate for the sample property by Amica was $705, followed by State Farm at $902, Nationwide at $935, and Liberty Mutual, coming in at $2,428. The difference between Amica and Liberty Mutual is 71%.

The variance is consistent with the findings of identical studies conducted for other states, Value Penguin said, which is why consumers are advised to obtain quotes from at least three different carriers. Individual rates will depend on past claims history and other particulars of a dwelling.

The five towns in Connecticut with the least expensive, average annual insurance rates were:

New Canaan — $739

Simsbury — $742

Wilton — $755

Weston — $775

Windham — $780

Of the 70 municipalities surveyed, the most expensive were:

Redding — $1,358

Ridgefield — $1,377

Stratford — $1,399

Fairfield — $2,435

Information:  http://www.valuepenguin.com/best-cheap-homeowners-insurance-connecticut