Have you seen the sign?

Even though they both occupy small storefronts, there is very little similarity between stores like Dunkin’ Donuts and Blue Star Bazaar, a popular boutique owned by Wiltonian Megan Abrahamsen.

The differences between the two businesses are especially apparent in their individual sign needs, Ms. Abrahamsen says, though Wilton’s regulations don’t differentiate between the two kinds of stores.

The shop owner recently received a warning about “sandwich board” signs she usually places outside her store, prompting her to begin agitating for fairer sign regulations in town.

“Blimpies and Dunkin’ Donuts are very different than a locally owned business located in a historic post office that is 270 square feet,” the shop owner said. “We have very limited building signage — even if we did have more, the buildings are obstructed from the road.”

Though there is a formal Planning & Zoning process available for changing sign regulations, it’s a very slow process because it must go through a landlord or property owner, not a lessee.

“We can try to petition for our landlords to go through Planning & Zoning and improve the building signage, but even once it’s approved after a very long process, the landlord won’t see instant impact, the urgency just isn’t the same for them,” she said.

Instead, she hopes the town is willing to take executive action to correct sign regulations in town. A recent meeting with Town Planner Bob Nerney, the business owner said, was promising.

“I think that he and I will be able to work together to try to come up with a compromise to discuss with the P & Z commission,” she said. “He’s going to do some research, find out what options might exist that would be more business-friendly than we have now, but also keep the town safe and attractive.”