Gregory’s Sawmill owner appeals for donations to help family business

Hard times have come upon the Gregory’s Sawmill, which has been operating 160 years and is the oldest continuing business in town.
A bitter divorce and some bad financial advice have led Taber Gregory, the owner, to fall behind on the mortgage for the place and even become homeless, Gregory said Jan. 16, several days after posting a call for funding help on the Internet fund-raising site
“Anything helps, I’m very humbled by everything. I’m living locally with no house, basically I am homeless,” Gregory said.
The divorce cut into him for about $500,000. Now he said he’s behind in his mortgage.
Gregory is looking to raise $50,000, but even less than that would be helpful, he said.
“I’d like to pay my mortgage and back taxes,” the 48-year-old said.
The business specializes in specialty tabletops and mantels, bar tops and construction grade materials.
“I am in desperate need of funding as soon as possible,” he wrote in his GoFundMe appeal. “I truly appreciate any and all funds to help keep my family's legacy going. I have worked at the mill since I was a little boy and I would hate to see the family business gone. My heart would be overwhelmed with gratitude and I forever grateful if you would help me save Gregory's Sawmill.”
The GoFundMe address is