Forza Five offers emotional, physical holistic fitness

Intuition guides the life of Lisa Tenore, who owns Cannondale’s new Forza Five Holistic Fitness Center, and it runs through the veins of her new storefront as well.

Forza Five, located in the large red building in historic Cannondale Village, will offer a wide array of services, whether patrons want to sit and enjoy a pot of tea in the Chinese tradition, or receive a Reiki therapy session from Ms. Tenore, who is an expert in the field.

“We’re here to connect the physical and the emotional aspects of the body,” Ms. Tenore said in her wellness center last week. “We’re all so busy that we don’t have a true sense of what’s going on, even though your body knows it is sick before you know it. If you can stop for a moment and look, you can probably get ahold of disease before it even occurs.”

By training, Ms. Tenore is a licensed physical trainer, a Reiki practitioner, a shamanic healer, an Ashtanga yoga teacher — all fields she feels inherently connected to through her ability to observe what she calls human “energy.”

“We’re all moving energy,” Ms. Tenore says. “I work with nature and help clients become aware and mindful of what is crossing their path. I’m always saying, if we quiet our minds there’s going to be something speaking to us. Everything is energy.”

Ms. Tenore first recognized her ability to connect with human energy when one of her children began suffering from repeated migraine headaches, she said.

“My third child was suffering migraine headaches. He was lying in a dark room throwing up. He was like 10 or 11 and I could not do a thing for my boy,” she said.

I would be on my knees with my hands on his head crying, and I realized when I put my hands on my son, he would say, ‘Don’t take them off.’ We went to a neurologist to make sure everything was OK, and the nurse said, ‘You were doing Reiki.’”

“That’s how I got started at it, for my boy John.”

Physical fitness is one very important offering of Forza Five, and Ms. Tenore offers a wide range of classes, from a hard-core “boot-camp” style class to her popular Plyogalates class, which is a mix of pliometrics, yoga, and Pilates.

“It brings all of the components of traditional fitness together,” she said.

In addition to fitness classes, Forza Five will soon begin hosting dance classes and meditation sessions.

“We only meditate for 30 minutes,” Ms. Tenore says. “And I promise the 30 minutes will go by ‘just like that,’ and you’ll be closer to your own answers. It will bring you closer to getting to know yourself.”

One service that is especially important for clients of Forza Five, the owner says, are intuitive readings.

“People always want to know what’s going to happen. It’s good to know what you’re going to have to treat, but I’m not God. I’m here to help lead you along the path. Each of us, as a human being, has come here on some sort of journey in life.”

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