Former Orem's waitress awarded $84,501 in sexual harassment suit

After a three-day trial, a jury in the United States District Court in Bridgeport has found Orem’s Diner, at 167 Danbury Road, liable for hostile work environment discrimination based on gender.

The plaintiff, Iryna Dymskaya, a Norwalk resident and former Orem’s Diner waitress, was awarded $84,501 in federal court on Wednesday, April 9.

According to information from her attorney, Russell J. Sweeting of the Westport law firm Maya Murphy, P.C., Ms. Dymskaya filed a  sexual harassment and discrimination complaint against the diner in 2011.

In her complaint, Ms. Dymskaya alleged that male employees made numerous sexually explicit and suggestive comments to her when she was an employee at the eatery. The derogatory and offensive comments also focused on her heritage, she said.

Ms. Dymskaya also said one particular employee not only harassed her, but also threatened her with physical harm.

In November 2010, she quit her job after an Orem’s cook allegedly threatened, “If I had a gun, I would shoot you...,” according to her complaint.

“Despite numerous complaints, Orem’s management failed to address the harassment,” her attorney said in a press release.

Ms. Dymskaya received $53,500 in compensatory damages and $31,001 in punitive damages.

“We are very satisfied with the result and pleased that the jury agreed with us that Iryna is entitled to both compensatory and punitive damages,” said Mr. Sweeting.

Legal representatives for Orem’s Diner have not yet responded to a request for comment.

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