Economic Development Commission embraces Facebook

The Economic Development Commission’s Facebook page is being used to reward Wilton-based businesses that responded to the survey it conducted earlier this year. Promotional posts are placed on the Facebook page and then boosted.

“We pay a small amount, and target the local audience that fits that business,” EDC Chairman Vivian Lee-Shiue said. “One of our businesses was a pre-school, so we targeted men and women within a range of having pre-school aged kids, within 10 miles of Wilton.”

It makes sense for the EDC to help promote businesses, she said.

“It’s just our role to help support businesses in town, and drive businesses into town, and we felt we had the page there, and wanted to create brand recognition for the Economic Development Commission  as a whole, so we felt it’s a good thing to do,” she said. “It raises the profile of our local businesses, and Wilton is a very tight-knit community.”