Cycling Sports Group cleans up Horseshoe Park

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Kendra Baker photos
A group of employees from Cycling Sports Group (CSG) — a division of Dorel Sports headquartered at 1 Cannondale Way in Wilton — cleaned up Horseshoe Park and Pond on Thursday, Oct. 22, as part of the fourth annual Global Community Connect event.
The group took the day off and spent several hours removing brush and rebuilding a park bench.

“Our goal is to unite as one organization to help create a fun and healthy world for the communities that we live and work,” Kevin Kane, business and corporate outreach manager of research and development, told The Bulletin.

With future plans for the Norwalk River Valley Trail to pass through Horseshoe Park, Kane added, the clean-up effort serves as “a catalyst for bringing more attention and appeal to a gateway to Wilton.”