Connecting The Greens and the community

As the newly appointed community relations coordinator of The Greens at Cannondale on Danbury Road, Christine Rose has a straightforward description of her goals: Be a good neighbor.

“The Greens has an outstanding reputation and I want to uphold that tradition,” she said. “To do that, I plan to connect The Greens to all parts of the community: the schools, the businesses, social services, Realtors, the Chamber of Commerce, organizations like Kiwanis and the Rotary Club. The Greens is one of the community’s biggest employers and that gives us a responsibility to make our relationship with the town a mutual benefit,” she said.

“The Greens itself is a community of residents and staff, and that means attending to that relationship as well.”

Ms. Rose grew up in Philadelphia and now lives in Trumbull. She has two adult children and a senior in high school. She said she owes her career in senior living to her father-in-law.

“My father-in-law was an amazing person and a beloved grandfather to my children. He was quite independent until he had a stroke,” Ms. Rose said.

“Having Grandpa close by was a treat for my children. So we built an addition to the house and he moved in with us. I realized how important it was for him to have things to do and friends his age. I observed him needing more and more assistance. That’s when I decided that focusing on senior living was what I wanted to do.”

Ms. Rose and her husband had been in the restaurant business for 20 years.

“I love people and that was certainly a people-centered business, but I needed more,” she said. “At Fairfield University, I had received a degree in marketing. Not the number-crunching kind, but getting people to remember you.”

She has experience in home care through Athena Health and Atria Assisted Living.

“Name recognition is essential for any business, and that includes hospitals and assisted-living residences,” Ms. Rose said. “But when you’re dealing with people’s lives, you walk a very thin line between profitability and being a good neighbor. Yes, you have to get your name out there, but you have to make residents your first priority.

“Marketing here isn’t just getting new residents, but satisfying the people who live here.”

Ms. Rose said good community relations means giving something of benefit back, like offering The Greens to different groups for various community events.

“Senior living has become a very competitive industry. That’s why the highest standards have to be maintained at The Greens with things like a new spa and exciting programs,” she said. The annual musical theater performance is June 22.

“It’s like a good marriage between the community and The Greens. And my job is to get them together.”

Information: 203-761-1191.