Connecticut continues to lag rest of New England in employment gains

Data released this morning, June 30,  by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows New England’s unemployment rate remained unchanged in May 2015 at 4.9%. That is a decline from one year ago when it was 6.0%.
Connecticut’s unemployment rate in May was 6.0%. Wilton’s unemployment rate was 4.0%.
The national jobless rate was essentially unchanged from April at 5.5% and was 0.8% lower than May 2014.
In May, four of the six New England states had jobless rates that were significantly lower than the national rate:
• Vermont — 3.6%;
• New Hampshire — 3.8%;
• Massachusetts — 4.6%;
• Maine — 4.7%.
Rhode Island’s unemployment rate was 5.9%.
However, Rhode Island was one of five New England states that experienced statistically significant declines in their unemployment rates of one year ago:
• Rhode Island — -2.0 percentage points;
• Massachusetts — -1.2 points;
• Maine — -1.0 point;
• New Hampshire — -0.6 point;
• Vermont — -0.4%.
Connecticut also experienced a 0.6 percentage point decline, but was not included in the above group by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
According to the bureau, Rhode Island had the largest jobless rate decline among the 24 states that reported significant rate decreases from May 2014. Connecticut was among the 25 states and the District of Columbia that had unemployment rates that were not appreciably different from a year ago. North Dakota was the only state with a significant over-the-year rate increase.