Co-owner spices up the Lumberyard's menu

Barbara Argeno, better known as Bobbie to her many customers at the Lumberyard Pub in Georgetown, has become a co-owner of the restaurant.

Ms. Argeno, who grew up in Ridgefield and graduated from Ridgefield High School, was an equestrian rider for many years and continues to train horses and riders in the area.

Ms. Argeno has been involved in the restaurant business since 1992, when she started working at the former Georgetown Saloon. She served the people of Georgetown there for 20 years, and when the saloon closed its doors in 2012, she moved her years of experience two buildings down to the Lumberyard Pub, located at 2 Main Street just off Route 107.

Ms. Argeno said the owners of the Pub, Mike Sutila and Sandy Pope, welcomed her with open arms. Not being able to serve the people of Georgetown and her regulars was her greatest fear when the saloon closed, but the Lumberyard — as it is commonly known — was a great fit and allowed her continue doing what she loved to do.

When Mr. Sutila and Ms. Pope opened a second location in Key West, Fla., they turned to Ms. Argeno to run the business, as she had such a long history and knowledge of the restaurant business.

She managed the Lumberyard Pub in their absence, and continues to manage it after their return. In April, Mr. Sutila and Ms. Pope explained to Ms. Argeno that they were looking at another new location in Virginia and they planned to move there, and then surprised her with the offer to become an owner at the Pub.

Ms. Argeno said at first she was speechless, but once she got over the initial shock, she got down to work.

The first order of business was to get a new menu, and a new and different beer selection.

She explained that she wanted a new and lighter menu for the spring and summer, so the menu now features a pan-seared goat cheese salad, a summer salad, a chef’s salad, a Cobb salad, Boston lettuce wraps, and carrot fries.

For meat lovers, there’s Thanksgiving on a roll and shaved roast beef, two new offerings.

An all-day breakfast sandwich and the Ghost of the Lumberyard are also on the menu.

Ms. Argeno was quick to add that customers may still get their old favorites like the Lumberpile, the Rodeo and Hellfire Burger, or the new favorite, the beer burger, made with cheddar beer cheese, stout-braised onions and bourbon bacon.

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