Christopher Edwards: Helping businesses succeed in marketing

Owners of small- and medium-sized business in the Wilton area who need a little help with digital media and marketing are the target audience for a young entrepreneur, Christopher Edwards.

A graduate of Wilton High School and Western Connecticut State University, Mr. Edwards aims to help local businesses reach their fullest potential online.

Whether a client needs one-time help with Facebook advertising or ongoing maintenance of a blog, Mr. Edwards said, he offers it all.

“I help busy business owners market to their existing customers and find new customers through marketing strategies that range from LinkedIn to in-store promotion, PR, outdoor advertising, call scripts, surveys, and social media engagement,” he said.

But don’t worry if that sounds a like a little too much, he said, because the most important aspect of Mr. Edwards’ business is figuring out exactly how much marketing help a business needs.

“Everyone doesn’t need everything, and it’s my job to figure out what the highest-value services are for my clients,” he said.

A perk for small-business owners, Mr. Edwards said, is the small amount of one-on-one time he requires on a weekly basis. After an initial interview, he said, his programs require only a few moments of a businessperson’s time every week.

“I can help them get online, and get their PR running like a well-oiled machine and reduce the amount of time they have to personally monitor some of their marketing efforts,” he said. “I can handle their social media, their direct postal and email marketing, and automate the collection of their testimonials while we work together just a few minutes a week.”

Though he hasn’t had a client request one yet, he said, one of his next goals is to get a certain kind of big ad placement for a customer.

“I’m still looking for my next Wilton client with whom I can help put together their graphic designs, marketing and PR strategy. I’d love to get a business onto billboards, buses and bus stops next,” he said.

Mr. Edwards got his start in the business world when he was a student at Western, where he started networking early on with SCORE counselors.

For those interested in starting a business, he said, the earlier one starts networking, the better.

“Start networking before you leave college. Get a SCORE counselor to help you put a plan together for free. Get an attorney long before you think you need one, before the contracts and before you incorporate,” he said.