Cannondale Animal Clinic embraces technological advancements

Cannondale Animal Clinic recently announced it has completely overhauled its practice’s technological infrastructure.

“After years of being deemed ‘old-fashioned,’ the clinic has turned itself around and is now in the forefront of technology,” a press release from the office said last week. “From a new website to social media to a greater interaction with patients, the Cannondale Animal Clinic has shed its old ways.”

Of the major technology changes, the clinic has revitalized its website, which now allows pet owners access to a “plethora” of resources that will help them better care for their animals, the clinic said.

These resources include the ability for customers to sign into a personal account and review all of their animal’s medical records.

“It was a necessary change,” said lead veterinarian Dr. Paula Belknap, “Our customers are so great and easy with us, they deserve the same level of appreciation back.”

Additionally, the clinic also has also set up a text messaging system to alert patients of upcoming appointments, prescription orders and other special offers.

Regardless of any tech advancements at the clinic, staff members say their customer and patient care remains the same.

“One thing that will always remain constant with the Cannondale Animal Clinic is the quality and care for their patients,” the clinic said.