Canine Company has two new radio commercials

Canine Company, which offers at-home pet products and services, like the Invisible Fence® Brand containment system, has two new radio commercials that will be airing through September across Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.
Canine Company was founded in 1983 by Wiltonian Carol Hill after her daughter, Jennifer, lost her dog when it ran into the street and was hit by a car.
Since 2014, Jennifer has been the second-generation president of the company.
In one of the new commercials, Jennifer recalls her relationship with the dog she lost, the family’s Bassett Hound named Lucy.
In the other, she talks with her mother about how losing the dog sparked a family journey to help other families keep their pets healthy, safe and happy.
Canine Company is headquartered in Wilton and the Hill family are Wilton residents.