Cactus Rose temporarily closed due to severe water damage

Cactus Rose restaurant, in the Stop & Shop plaza, is temporarily closed due to water damage. It plans to reopen as soon as possible.

Late last night, owner Katerina Pertesis told The Bulletin, a sprinkler system pipe in the ceiling froze, thawed and burst, leaving the restaurant under four inches of water by this morning. Ms. Pertesis said last night most patrons left unceremoniously as water began to pour from the ceiling.

Today, employees were surveying the total scene, inventorying damaged tables, tea lights, and chairs while water removal specialists vacuumed up the majority of the water on the floor. Under certain leaks in the ceiling, four-foot tall garbage cans were completely filled with water.

Water damage specialists Servpro have been called in to remove the excess water and proactively address mold accumulation, Servpro owner Ralph DiCristofaro said at the restaurant Thursday evening. He expects his crews to be working on the space until Monday, at the earliest.