Cactus Rose suffers pipe burst, water damage

The Cactus Rose Cantina is anything but dry.

Just before the Christmas weekend restaurant rush, a pipe burst at the Mexican restaurant in Wilton Center and the business had to be closed down, The Bulletin learned from a message left on the establishment’s answering machine.

The fire department said a sprinkler system full of water burst in the attic, from the cold, and the place filled pretty quickly. A published report indicated the incident happened Dec. 15 in the afternoon.

“That’s a lot of water in a short time,” said Fire Chief Ronald Kanterman. “We had a couple of inches of water in the place. It went out the doors into the parking lot. I had to call the Department of Public Works to put sand and salt because of icy conditions.”

The Fire Department advised the owner to contact their insurance company to arrange for a water damage repair and cleaning service.

Kanterman did not know when the restaurant could possibly reopen.

It’s not the first time pipes have burst at the Cactus Rose. It has happened at least once before, in late 2015, when the restaurant closed for a month.

A  GoFundMe account has been set up to help support the workers while the restaurant is closed.

“The fact it happened just before Christmas is especially cruel,” workers said on the GoFundMe page.