Businesses encouraged to go green

When the whole town of Wilton is going green, with initiatives including solar electricity, recycling and zero waste in the school cafeterias, there’s only one thing local businesses can do: jump on the bandwagon.

To that end, Wilton Go Green has started a green business designation program, celebrating companies that demonstrate leadership in sustainable practices.

Daphne Dixon, executive director of Wilton Go Green, introduced the new program during a press conference Jan. 30 at town hall. She said Bankwell is the sponsor, and has donated $1,000 for the program.

“There are a couple of businesses like Wilton Hardware that are already signed up, there are four of them so far,” said Tapas Deb, assistant branch manager in Wilton for Bankwell. “They absolutely get a benefit from going green. The whole point is save the environment. It’s basically good for the business when they go green.”

The program recognizes two levels of green for businesses: regular green level and platinum.

“There are different categories they can do to be a green business and a platinum business,” Deb said.

“We are working with the Chamber to get as many businesses as possible,” Deb said. Under the program, businesses can earn green or platinum designation by taking action in transportation, energy, and indoor environment, among other areas of practice.

Following are some steps to take to go green in business:

  • Get a no-cost energy assessment through the Small Business Energy Advantage Program. Call 877-947-3873.
  • Keep the HVAC systems tuned. Maintain a regular cleaning and filter replacement schedule. Check ducts and pipe insulation.
  • Install Energy Star equipment when replacing appliances.
  • Develop a policy to turn off equipment, appliances and lights when not in use or when leaving the room.
  • Install LED exit signs.
  • Install programmable thermostats.
  • Use Smart power strips.
  • Install a system to turn off monitors when not in use.
  • Replace T12 fluorescent tubes with T8, T5 or LED tubes.
  • Use fans in lieu of air conditioning when practical.