Browning publishes third book on contemporary families

Wilton High School graduate Scott Browning has published the third book in a series about working with contemporary families. Contemporary Families at the Nexus of Research and Practice contributes to the  study of the contemporary family, and includes a section on cyberbullying.

Browning holds a Ph.D. and is a professor of psychology at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia, Pa. In 2012 he co-authored Stepfamily Therapy: A 10-Step Clinical Approach, the first book in the field to combine research and clinical therapy by practitioners in each area. He subsequently co-edited (with Kay Pasley, Ed.D.) and contributed chapters to Contemporary Families in 2015.

Browning says his goal with these books, and the DVDs he has produced, is to “create scholars who understand what the research and clinical practice involves so they can go out and do the practice.

“The shift in family types began in the 1960s when the post-World War II nuclear family gave way to the rise in what we called alternative families,” Browning said in a press release. “We called them alternative to show that they are not somehow lesser than the traditional nuclear family concept of mom, dad and two kids. Today, we use the term contemporary families. This may include a wide variety of family types, LGBTQ, inter-racial, incarcerated/returned, those parented by grandparents, those with children on the autism spectrum, to name just a few.”

Browning’s mother continues to live in Wilton.