Boutiques say bright colors mark spring

The big trend this spring in women’s clothing?
Color. Lots and lots of color.
“The colors are brighter than usual” even for spring, said Nancy Toothaker of the Open House Gift Shop. “In terms of clothes, tunics have been selling with bright geometric patterns.
“I think people are just so tired of the cold weather. Last Friday it was kind of nice out and people were out trying to spruce up their wardrobe in the hopes of wearing something nice for once. Or they’re going on vacation and they want to freshen up and warm up their colors.”
A lot of those popular, bright colors are being paired with white denim, said Erica Malhotra of B Chic.
“Lots of pops of color and a lot of white denim to pair with tops — whether they are everyday tops or going-out tops,” she said. “Really, the trend is to pair tops with skinny or straight white denim with ballet flats or wedges.”
At Signature Style, Ann Nash said she’s seen a growing market for easy-care fabrics, ones that don’t require dry cleaning, and casual dresses for young women.
“We’re selling more casual dresses for everyday wear,” Nash said. “My girls wear dresses all the time now, instead of just on special occasions like going to dinner with Grandma. Sometimes they’ll layer it with a top underneath because it might be spaghetti straps.”
Megan Abrahamsen, of Blue Star Bazaar, agreed.
This spring’s highlights include “print dresses for girls and ladies in all colors and styles - from short dresses to maxis in neutrals, pinks, blues, and green.
Nash has also noticed in recent years that stocking clothing for a wider audience has become easier, as women’s and teen clothing have become far more similar.


One item that has been especially popular at B Chic is a Lokai bracelet, Malhotra said.
“It’s a bracelet that’s $18. It’s clear with one black bead and one white bead. The white bead has water from Mt. Everest and the black bead has mud from the Dead Sea. Those are the highest and lowest points on earth,” she said.
“It’s to remind you when you’re on top of the world you need to stay humble, but if you’re at your lowest point it reminds you there’s always hope,” she said.
At Signature Style, Nash said she’s been selling a lot of long necklaces.
“All the high school girls are wearing sterling silver, layered necklaces,” she said. “They’ll have a small square on one necklace with a circle on another necklace and a bar on another,” she said.
They’re doing the same with rings, Nash added, layering small, delicate silver rings.


Clutches, once a formal-wear staple, have come down in price and are more common for women to use on a day-to-day basis, Nash said.
“We have sold all kinds of clutches, not just going out at night,” she said. “So many things have come down in price, so we have a lot of things at more reasonable price points. They’re a little a more disposable, though, so a woman will use it for one season and then move on.”
At Open House, Toothaker said she’s been selling a lot of leather totes.
“Leather tote bags have been really popular, with bright colors, little stud details and any other type of ornamentation,” she said. “Just something to make it a little bit flashy, basic updates with sparkles or studs.”


For those looking for a gift for a teacher, coworker or employee, Toothaker at Open House has a list of possible ideas:

  • Hand creams.

  • Seasonal tabletop items.

  • Lunch bags/coolers.

  • Turvis tumblers.