Bistro Seven welcomes Chef Martinez

Though Bistro 7 recently welcomed a new chef, and a new menu, the restaurant’s overall direction will not change, said owner Breno Donatti.

“This is a warm refuge where people come to cherish life with friends and family, and have great locally sourced, inventive food,” the owner said.

With a grand opening celebration last Thursday, Oct. 9, Bistro 7 welcomed its new head chef, Marcelino Martinez, also known as “Batman,” and introduced its extensive, locally sourced menu.

“He brings playfulness and creativity to the menu,” the owner said. “Since our whole staff is relatively young — even though we all have substantial years in the industry — the New Age cuisine starts here, with us.”

During the grand opening celebration, patrons were offered a three-course meal including such appetizers as roasted vegetable bisque and beef empanadas, and main courses like maple-coated salmon.

Chef Martinez and his staff will continue to focus on the provision of locally sourced foods, though many of his recipes are certainly not sourced from New England.

“He takes food back in a homage to his Puerto Rican roots, and reinvents or twists dishes with locally sourced products. We dare to try different things because that is fun,” Mr. Donatti said.

In addition to his restaurant, Mr. Donatti distributes a Bistro 7 variety of olive oil — that is sold in Wilton’s Village Market — and Bistro 7 red wine, which is crafted by vintner Pomar Junction.

Some patrons may remember Chef Tony, longtime chef at Bistro 7 who won last year’s Chowdafest top soup award. He left the restaurant to jump-start his own food truck “empire,” Mr. Donatti said, selling classic comfort food with a special Greek touch.