Bankwell sends Norwalk students to Ambler

Nearly 200 kindergartners from three Norwalk elementary schools participated in Ambler Farm field trips in the fall thanks to the generosity of Bankwell.

The children interacted with Ambler Farm’s goats, sheep, rabbits, pigs and chickens while learning about the animals.

Students also visited Ambler Farm’s gardens, where they sampled vegetables and learned about the parts of a plant, explored the differences between fruits and vegetables, and made connections about where their food comes from. The day was capped off with a hayride to pick out pumpkins and enjoy Ambler Farm’s hay maze.

“We are pleased to make the Ambler Farm experience available to students who may not have been able to visit otherwise,” said David Dineen, Bankwell EVP and head of community banking.

Ambler Farm is managed by the Friends of Ambler Farm, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, for the community's benefit as an organic farm, educational resource and open space.