Bankwell donates pet supplies

Bankwell has donated an SUV full of pet donations to the Connecticut Humane Society, along with a check.

As part of Bankwell’s ongoing Pet Adoption project, and following a three-month collection of pet supplies at the bank’s nine branches and at Pet Pantry locations throughout Connecticut, Bankwell unloaded the Bankwell Suburban, filled to the brim with donations, at the humane society on June 30.

Additionally, Bankwell donated a check totaling $2,948 to the organization as a result of a matching donation program spearheaded by the bank.

The Bankwell Pet Adoption Project creates awareness about Fairfield and New Haven county shelters and the rescue dogs and cats that need homes.

Bankwell partnered with photographer Michael Bagley and area rescue shelters to feature portraits in the bank branches.

Information was posted on the bank’s website about local animals in need. For more information, visit