Applicant seeks residential zone permit for dog-sitting business

A Westport woman has applied to the Planning and Zoning Commission for a permit that would allow her to operate a dog-sitting business in a residential zone.

Sarah Marceau, with her partner Kyle Wilson, would call the business Happy Stays LLC, at a 1923 bungalow two-story home at 763 Danbury Road.

She described it in her application as a home-based pet care business.

“First and foremost, we are respectful nature lovers and this is why we have pursued this unique opportunity utilizing our love for animals. This goes far beyond our business of taking care of dogs, to having complete and utter respect for everything local,” Marceau said in her application letter, addressed to the commission.

They would live at the property and the dogs would stay with them. “As a young couple, we would be first-time home owners and will be making a considerable investment in the purchase of 763 Danbury Road. Therefore we have a  lot at stake and pride in preserving the property’s integrity,” she wrote.

There would be no more than one employee working at a time.

Most transportation would be done in-house, during off-peak times. Group pick-ups and drop-offs would be encouraged so there would be less vehicular emissions and traffic.

“It is to everyone’s benefit to do off-peak trips as to not interfere with traffic and all steps will be made to do so,” she said.

The outdoor dog activities would take place in the back half of the two-acre property, to preserve the beauty of the rolling front yard. There would be fencing. “It will be held to the utmost visual standards without compromising function and ecological factors such as drainage or impacts to the current ecosystems that exist on the property,” she said.

The small number of dogs being cared for at one time would ensure noise levels are kept low. The dogs would be inside during the evening. There is also a rigorous screening process, according to the application.

The bungalow is a total 2,960 square feet.

The Planning and Zoning Commission accepted the application at its meeting Oct. 10. A public hearing is scheduled for Nov. 14.

A related type of business, a kennel, was recently denied for a commercial building on Route 7. Neighbors had voiced concerns over barking dogs and urine runoff.